Print boarding pass at home

As from 01 of December 2009 you can print out your boarding pass at home if you take a flight from Kiev Borispol Airport. It will take you less than 2 minutes & you will save time at the airport! Online check-in will be opened between 30 hours before your flight and the check-in deadline. You can print out your boarding pass from home or office!

for Air France operated flights from Kiev

Your Internet check-in occurs in 4 quick and easy steps.
1. Identification
Go to home page and identify yourself: by electronic ticket number, Reference number of your booking or your Flying Blue card.
2. Check-in
Choose the flight(s) you wish to check-in for, as well as any other passenger(s) concerned. Choose your seat on the cabin plan. To access the cabin plan, click on the button "Change your seat" during the confirmation phase, before printing out your check-in confirmation.

3. Confirmation
Confirm your check-in.

4. Print-out confirmation
Print out your boarding pass.

Please note for those who have already printed their boarding pass:

- If you have baggage, check this in at the check-in counter at the airport before the Check-in Deadline for your flight. Check here.

Should you not be sure that the size, dimensions of your carry on baggage match the norms of transportation in the plane´s cabin, please, verify at our check-in desk or online, here.

- If you are traveling without baggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate before the Time Limit for Boarding printed on your boarding pass.

* You cannot check-in online if:
  • you are traveling with a baby
  • your trip includes travel with tgvair
  • you are traveling with a specific baggage (animal, bike, musical instrument, wheel-chair, etc.)
  • you have a paper ticket
  • it is not Air France operated flight
  • special service on board is requested
  • medical transportation is requested
  • you are trying to check-in unaccompanied minor