Starting 01 August 2018, passengers travelling in Economy Class on Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) long-haul flights (except flights from Beijing and Colombo) are charged a fee for boarding passes issued at the departure airport check-in desk – an equivalent of 15 euro. Also note that a fee of 10 euro is applicable for boarding passes for medium-haul and domestic flights.  

If you hold an Air France ticket and the first flight in your journey (either on the way out, or coming back) is operated by UIA then we strongly advise you to do the following:

- From 24 hours before departure, go to and use “Online CHECK-IN” to select your seat and check-in online

- Download the mobile boarding pass with QR-code to your mobile device or print the boarding pass at home before coming to the airport

- Should you experience any difficulty checking in online for UIA via then go to and do it directly on the UIA website. Or when flying back from Paris, use the kiosks at the airport
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